Chi Machine for Your Health

Chi Machine for Your Health

In this review feature, we test out the highest-rated Chi machines on to determine which has the features you need.

  • What is a Chi Machine?
  • How to use a Chi Machine 
  • Health Benefits of Chi Machines 
  • Vitality Swing Review (Model USJ-815) 
  • Swing Master Deluxe Review (Model USJ-201)  


What is a Chi Machine?

Chi Machines are a type of aerobic exercise equipment that feels more like a gentle massage than a workout. They have been shown to increase blood oxygen levels, which is great for brain health and energy. They also have been shown to stimulate the lymphatic system, which helps reduce fluid in the legs for a slimmer look. For people who cannot exercise, they offer a way to move, stretch, and burn calories without the risk of injury or strain.


Developed by Dr. Shizuo Inoue

Chi Machines were invented by Dr. Shizuo Inoue in Japan in the 1980s. Dr. Inoue was interested in treating chronic illness, and got an idea by watching goldfish swimming that spinal movement was key. Noting that fish must obtain oxygen without having lungs, Dr. lnoue thought that the steady undulation of the spine caused the fish's whole body to be exercised and oxygenated. Oxygen starvation of the cells results in many disorders in the human body.

Relieve vertebrate joint pressure


Dr. Inoue found an ingenious way to mimic this movement with a machine that didn’t take up much space and could safely target the spine. The spine's design permits sideways, snake-like movements that serve to relieve vertebrate joint pressure. Chi Machines offer gentle, lateral snake-like movement of the spine with the body in the ideal therapeutic position: a prone, relaxed rosition, with load and stress reduced on the spine and other areas.


Body Stimulator & Exerciser

Just one use can improve circulation, massage back muscles,
and get an energizing boost of oxygen.

How to Use a Chi Machine


1. Hydrate first

For detoxing purposes and better results, drink at least a half glass of water before and after a Chi Machine Session.

2. Lay on your back and put your ankles in the cradle

To get the best results from a chi machine session, keep your muscles completely relaxed and your body loose. Clear your mind and maintain a steady breath.

3. Meditate

Relax, close your eyes breathe gently and deeply, and feel your body growing strong and healthy. Visualization and meditation helps to balance your chi, or vital energy. The movement of the ankle cradles swings your legs so that a wave-like movement massages the joints in your spine, giving you a gentle Spinal Massage.

4. 20-minute Sessions whenever needed

The auto-shutoff feature will end the session after usually 15 or 20 minutes, at which point you can stand up and walk around.


When the machine stops

You will feel a rush of energy at the soles of your feet, going right to the head. Do not get up immediately! Experience the aftereffect for a few minutes, the feeling will subside. This passive aerobic exercise oxygenates, tones and strengthens the body while increasing feelings of wellbeing, raising the life force (the “chi”) in the body.


An Effective Passive Aerobic Workout

Some conditions make going to the gym impossible.
Chi Machines make exercise accessible for those who need it most.

Benefits of Chi Machines


chimachine-lp-14.pngIncreases blood oxygenation

chimachine-lp-37.pngIncreases lymphatic flow, clearing toxins

chimachine-lp-15.pngProvides gentle massage therapy for chronic back pain

chimachine-lp-16.pngMay stimulate metabolism

chimachine-lp-17.pngImproves blood circulation

chimachine-lp-18.pngReduces fatigue, and helps give more energy

chimachine-lp-20.pngEncourages relaxation and stress reduction

chimachine-lp-31.pngBurns calories


Start with 5 minutes twice a day, and build up

For toning and weight loss, 15-minutes twice daily is suggested.

chimachine-lp-23.png VITALITY SWING
USJ-815 by U.S. Jaclean
Rating: chimachine-lp-33-3.png
Review: If you’re willing to spend the money, this machine is definitely worth it. It is tried and tested, having been a customer favorite for more than 10 years.
chimachine-lp-34.png Pros: chimachine-lp-35.png Cons:
Strong motor, wide and comfortable padded ankle cradle, convenient hand held controller for disruption-free speed adjustment. We suggest the bundle with twist disc in order to increase spinal stretching while using the chi machine. This is the more expensive model, for professional use. If you want to test out a cheaper model, this might not be best.



chimachine-lp-26.png12”x 5” Wide deluxe padded vinyl ankle cradle
chimachine-lp-26.pngHeavy-duty motor handles heavier bodies
chimachine-lp-26.pngDisruption-Free Remote Adjustment
chimachine-lp-26.png15-minute automatic shut-off timer
chimachine-lp-26.pngWired remote
chimachine-lp-26.pngCarrying handle
chimachine-lp-26.pngNo Assembly Required

Size 16 x 11.5 x 11 inches Cradle Depth 1.75 inches
Cable Length Remote Cable 50 inches Power Cable 110 inches
Speed Range Low Speed 85 cycles per min. High Speed 155 cycles per min.
Strength Weight 18 lbs. Power Consumption 40 watts


Click here to see the price of the VITALITY SWING


chimachine-lp-28.png SWING MASTER
USJ-201 by U.S. Jaclean
Rating: chimachine-lp-36.png
Review: The Swing Master Deluxe by U.S. Jaclean is recommended as a starter chi machine since it is the best value for the price. Even though it’s budget-friendly, it includes key features like the remote speed adjustment and auto-shutoff. Unit is very lightweight at only 9 lb and easy to move. We suggest getting the bundle with twist disc in order to increase spinal stretch while using the chi machine.
chimachine-lp-34.png Pros: chimachine-lp-35.png Cons:
Budget-friendly, small and lightweight, easy to operate. Good for smaller/lighter bodies and those new to Chi Machines. Too lightweight for larger people or heavier legs. Ankle cradle is not as comfortable as the upgraded version.

chimachine-lp-26.pngVinyl ankle cradle
chimachine-lp-26.pngHeavy-duty motor
chimachine-lp-26.pngDisruption-Free Remote Adjustment
chimachine-lp-26.png15-minute automatic shut-off timer
chimachine-lp-26.pngWired remote
chimachine-lp-26.pngNo Assembly Required

Size 13.5 x 10.5 x 9 inches Cradle Depth 1 inches
Cable Length Remote Cable 58 inches Power Cable 80 inches
Speed Range Low Speed 38 cycles per min. High Speed 110 cycles per min.
Power Weight 9 lbs. Power Consumption 15 watts


Click here to see the price of the SWING MASTER

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