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【展示品・開封品】首・肩・腰全体をマッサージ Shogun Neck & Back Massager (90日保証付き) 【展示品・開封品】首・肩・腰全体をマッサージ Shogun Neck & Back Massager (90日保証付き)
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Daiwa Felicity

【展示品・開封品】首・肩・腰全体をマッサージ Shogun Neck & Back Massager (90日保証付き)

こちらの商品はご注文の合計金額に関わらず、$25の送料が課金されますので予めご了承ください。 SHOGUN NECK & BACK MASSAGER The Shogun is an innovative neck and back massager that attaches to any chair or other seating to target hard-to-reach sore muscles. Automatic massage nodes move and rotate...

$249.00 $90.00
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Daiwa Felicity

【展示品・開封品】高速バイブレーションで血行促進 FootVibe Pro (90日保証付き)

こちらの商品はご注文の合計金額に関わらず、$25の送料が課金されますので予めご了承ください。 FOOTVIBE PRO The FootVibe Pro is small, portable, and easy to use, but don't be fooled by its simplicity - it is a powerful tool that combines three types of treatments in one! Infrared Light treatment,...

$139.49 $119.00
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