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Rodeo Pro

U.S. JACLEAN Rodeo Pro Trainer / USJ-1010 Using radically new Counter-Balance exercise technology, the Core Trainer engages the thigh, back, abdominal and other core muscles, for no-impact strength training with high-impact results. It works by...

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Daiwa Felicity

Figure Trimmer

USJ-206 The Figure Trimmer generates a natural aerobic workout by encouraging a twisting motion in your abdominal region. Unlike other twist boards or discs, the Figure Trimmer is studded with 200-plus nodules, which stimulate specific meridian points...

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Core Fitness Wheel

USJ-827 One of the simplest and most effective core workout tools is also one of the most portable. The Core Fitness Wheel challenges your core muscles with a simple exercise that you can do anywhere. Strengthen the arms, shoulders, and back; sculpt,...

$20.00 $14.94
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