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2 Way Hot & Cold Pad

USJ-796 This non-toxic, long-lasting reusable gel pack can be frozen or heated. Use the 2-Way Hot & Cold Pad for natural temporary pain relief and for cramping. For after pain or injury, apply the cold pack to the afflicted area to reduce...

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Cool Pad

USJ-814 The Cool Pad cools instantly upon contact, and can be placed anywhere on the body for cooling comfort. No refrigeration needed. For use on sofas, beds, chairs, desks, pillow cases, wheelchairs, and more.

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U.S. Jaclean

Lumbar Sculptor

USJ-516 The Lumbar Sculptor is an inexpensive remedy to back pain and discomfort. Attaches to any chair with the elastic strap. The ergonomic design provides maximum support and comfort and promotes correct posture, and the soft plastic grid of pressure...

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