Lindo Shiatsu Neck Massager

The Neck Shiatsu Massager is specially designed with four gentle germanium knobs to ease neck pain, improve blood circulation, and increase neck flexibility. With its adjustable soft knobs, the Neck Shiatsu Massager can be easily switched between a...

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Lindo Shiatsu Back Massager

The Shiatsu Back Massager helps remove tension and stiffness from the upper back, lower back, and shoulders. Easily switch between a one-point deep tissue massage and a two-point gentle Shiatsu massage with its adjustable knobs. The Back Shiatsu Massager...

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Daiwa Felicity

3D 指圧 ネックマッサージャー

The Felicity Shiatsu Neck MassagerThe Felicity Shiatsu Neck Massager is truly versatile thanks to the innovative hand straps.Wrap the unit anywhere around you, including your neck, upper back, or lumbar region, and slip your hands into the soft handles...

$39.99 $36.80
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Lindo Cushion Golf Body Massager

The unique design allows for a gentle but firm massage on various parts of the body including the shoulder, neck, leg, and back. The CushionGolf Body Massager uses two soft CushionGolf balls that can be easily adjusted on the body massager in order to...

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